Hello there! Thanks for stopping by First Pregnancy Miracle. My name is Emily and I’m hoping that through my journey and experiences I can help others achieve the pregnancy that they’ve been dreaming about.

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First Pregnancy Miracle was established with the goal to provide accessible and easy to understand information, advice and support to help make sense of your situation.

We’re committed to making sure we have the latest, updated information about natural and assisted fertility treatment options so you can decide which are right for you.

The name of this site is symbolic to my fertility story. After many years of struggle, I was finally able to conceive our first miracle baby. Here’s hoping you will too!

My Story

Growing up, I thought I was normal. Living a normal childhood, eating the normal “healthy” Western diet, doing the normal activities (or lack thereof). I looked at my family, friends and people in my town and thought being slightly overweight was pretty normal. I even thought my irregular menstrual cycles were normal.

My husband and I married in our late twenties and we did what many new couples did. We spent time enjoying ourselves, each other, friends, family and working on our careers.

At the age of 34, we started thinking about starting a family. Both of us had siblings growing up and we wanted a litter of our own.

In the beginning, it seemed normal to not succeed immediately. But after almost 6 months of trying without luck, we started to get worried. After almost a year, we were definitely worried, stressed out and depressed.

We consulted with many medical professionals and were given the usual options of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). These options seemed impractical, invasive, expensive and perhaps even painful… without any guarantee of success.

Even though we grew up with Western philosophies, these options just didn’t feel normal. Our species have been reproducing naturally for tens of thousands of years or more and we wanted to conceive naturally too. It’s in our instinct. So, I wanted to find ways to somehow increase our natural fertility.

We poured ourselves into research and learning alternative, holistic, traditional and Eastern fertility methods. Nothing was off-limits, we had to put aside our modern skepticism at this point.

One of the first “abnormal” things we did was return to health. It was difficult to ditch habits ingrained in us from birth. But we completely changed our diet, lifestyle and often, even our way of thinking about things.

Continuing on our trials, we learned that even our “healthy” western diet was not really healthy at all. We had to go back to the source, so the speak, to cleanse and regulate our bodies and hormones with natural, wholesome, unprocessed and nourishing foods and exercises to increase our fertility.

Even though we were still not being able to get pregnant and highly stressed about it, we slowly started to see and feel changes in other areas of our lives. We had lost a bunch of weight and (gasp!) even started to enjoy our new active lifestyle. Our mindset became more open and positive, our relationship more loving… and we now had some hot bodies to boot!

After almost 3 years from when we first started on this journey, full of ups & downs, incredible insights and learnings, we finally conceived and had our first child.

We couldn’t be happier as parents! I hope through this website, you will gain valuable knowledge that can help you also.

If you have any suggestions about anything you’d like added to this site, let us know using the contact page.

Wishing you all the best on your journey to parenthood!

Emily Clark